Louisville Sabbath School

We will begin our new Sabbath school year starting September 4. As a reminder, class begins at 2:45 PM. Our first lesson (September 4) will be a review of the coming fall Holy Days. 

Local Feast Baskets

The Feast is just around the corner and, as is our custom, we plan to prepare baskets for those unable to attend from our three local congregations. This year we will put together 9 baskets, with 2 going to diabetics. Although delicious, we would prefer no home-made goodies this year. We ask those in the Louisville congregation to please be thinking of your contributions and be prepared to bring them for inclusion in the baskets no later than the Sabbath of September 11; we will pack the baskets that day after services. 

Anyone in the Henderson congregation that would like to contribute, please have the items ready this Sabbath, August 28, and Hank and Denita Miles will take your donations for Mr. Willoughby to pick up next week. Those in Nashville that would like to contribute, please have the items ready this Sabbath, August 28, and Mr. Willoughby will take them on to Louisville.

Thank you for the love and care everyone puts into this project. It means a great deal to those unable to attend the Feast. If you have questions, please see or contact Delores Haley or Carolyn Winner.

Update on collection of Holy Day Offerings for the Upcoming Fall Festivals

In consultation with the president and the administration, we have decided to return to our old way of collecting the holy day offerings—the method the Church used for the past many decades. We will collect the offering at the various Feast of Tabernacles sites by passing the offertory baskets. We will do the same in our local congregations for the Feast of Trumpets and Day of Atonement. 

For many decades the Church has quoted Deuteronomy 16:16 to encourage the giving of an offering at services. While during the worst of the pandemic, we were unable to physically pass a basket for health reasons, we realize most brethren still prefer to give their offering in person on the holy day.  

Unless things change, it is our plan to collect holy day offerings in person at the various Feast sites and in our local congregations. The option to give one’s holy day offering online is also available to anyone who would prefer that method.

As always, the Church deeply appreciates the holy day offerings given by the members and ministry.

Sabbath Services Available

We will be having Sabbath services at our normal location and time, 3pm EST, the Sabbath prior to the Feast of Tabernacles, on September 18, 2021. We will also be streaming the webcast.

Louisville Church Hall Clean Up Schedule

The yearly signup sheet to volunteer to clean our church hall is now posted on the bulletin board.  Please take a few minutes to figure out when you can sign up to help keep our hall clean.

Reporter Reminder

Please remember to send in any births, 50th anniversaries, or other significant announcements you would like to see in "One Accord" to your local church reporter.

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