Fall Festival Registration

Festival registration opens on April 16, 2017 at 10am Eastern time.  We ask that ALL COGWA households please complete the online Festival registration – whether attending in the U.S. or internationally.  If adult members in one household are attending different sites, they will need to register individually.  We also ask that those NOT attending please register as well – this gives us more accurate figures for planning.  Beginning at 10 a.m. Eastern time on the 16th, members can begin accessing the web page for Feast registration. 

The email address of the registrant will be used to identify that person’s or family’s registration account.  After accessing the COGWA Feast web page, simply click on the “REGISTRATION” tab and begin the process.  All registrants will receive an email verification immediately after completing the first step of registration.  To complete the process, simply access that email to click on the link provided and finish your registration. Members without Internet access should be assisted by their local Festival adviser.  

Festival Youth Instruction Volunteers

This year we will once again be offering Festival Youth Instruction at many U.S. Festival sites—and we will need volunteers to teach these lessons. Unfortunately, the option to volunteer for Festival Youth Instruction was inadvertently left off on the first day of registration. So if you registered for the Feast on Sunday, April 16, and would be willing to serve on our Festival Youth Instruction teaching team, please go back to the COGWA member portal, log in, click on “Feast of Tabernacles 2017” and then click on the “Edit Your Registration” button and add Festival Youth Instruction under the service areas. Thank you for your dedication to our children!

COGWA Youth Camps

The COGWA Youth Camps team is happy to announce that on March 1 the application system opened to begin taking 2017 applications. We will once again be using the COGWA Portal system, but we encourage everyone to start the process by reading the article titled “Camp Application System” on the main page of the camp website ( There are some specific points we would like you to be aware of before you begin your application.  We think you will find that applying via this new system is faster and simpler.  As mentioned in the article, much of your information is retained for subsequent years’ applications and needs only to be reviewed (and edited if changes are needed).  

Louisville Hospitality Project

We encourage those interested to join in the 2017 Louisville Hospitality Project.  Any time between today and services on Saturday, February 11th, please put your name and contact number on a Hospitality Project slip and add it to the Hospitality Box.  Those participating may begin drawing a name after services on February 11th.  More information will be shared immediately following services today.  Please see Jason or Emily Hyde with questions.

Louisville Church Hall Clean Up Schedule

The 2017 signup sheet to volunteer to clean our church hall is now posted on the bulletin board.  Please take a few minutes to figure out when you can sign up to help keep our hall clean.

Louisville/Henderson Leadership Club

The new leadership club season begins on September (September 11th) at 6pm eastern at the Louisville church hall.  Assignments will be made available by the end of next week.  Club is open to all males H.S. seniors and older.  This year’s officers are – President: Mike Patterson Vice-President: Matt Beech Sgt. at Arms: Nathan Jines.

Louisville Sabbath School

The first Sabbath of each month beginning in September Sabbath school classes will be held at 2:45.  The class will go through the sermonette time and return to services in time for the sermon.  Those eligible for Sabbath School are grades K-6.  If you do not already have a class schedule please pick one up from Emily Hyde.  Your child should bring a bible to each class. 


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Reporter Reminder

Please remember to send in any births, 50th anniversaries, or other significant announcements you would like to see in "One Accord" to your local church reporter.

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